Friday, January 30, 2009

Using the internet

I think the Internet really helped on this project. This expresses more of your art side, along with your writing skills. When we started this activity with the wiki spaces, i thought it was fun to have partners to help you with your page. Its more fun to work with people that you can agree on something with. We all chose the same book and its interesting to see the opinions of the people in your group. Everyone can see how we felt on this book to. Its better to have all these options to choose from so we can have a better learning experiance.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The saying "There's daggers in a man's smiles" is the world's everyday life in six words. Everyone gets envious no matter what whether its big or small. You hear everyone say "Oh its okay." and smile, But really when some people say that they'll smile to hide what they feel but really their thinking "Wow really? You think I'd be okay with this?" People will hide there feelings just because most don't want people to get in their business. I'll admit I have done this to someone where I knew it would bug them, but not intentionally. I think its okay to do when its something your heart desires, but when you do this in greed or just to get back at someone because you had a grudge against them, then its really brings out the daggers. Some of the feelings that you have during jealousy can bring out the worst of you and every time you don't mean it to be that way. This is something that happens to all of us, but I think most of the time it happens at the school ages. I think the "daggers" come out of all of us in school. You'll always see someone who has something better than you, and some times its hard to get over that. Its hard to tell someone you like something of theirs especially if its something you really wanted. Its the worst when you have to tell someone the truth, but its hard. When some one asks "How does this look?" most of the time you don't want to hurt their feelings, but being honest is hard. So you lie and they get their self esteem back, but you would hate for them to wear it with confidence and get crushed when someone really comes up and says "Thats an ugly shirt." It makes you seem like the bad person for lying. Its hard to be honest and its hard to be jealous. We all go through the daggers and we all get stabbed, but that's what makes us stronger.